My credentials

The question may have come up:  Wullll, Larry, what are your credentials!?

The answer is–70 plus years of pushing air regularly, a lot of eyes-open time, a lot of that reading a fairly wide variety of things, listening to people that know what they are talking about, watching people that know how to do things do things, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Management (BSBS) that I got age at 50 when it became clear that I was going to be….lemesee, what was the term that year?….RIFed I think it was.  Since I had reached second-level management where I had been for almost 30 years on a high school diploma and some US Navy schools, I figured I’d need a degree to get past the clerks in the employment offices.

So if paper credentials are important to you over common sense, you are probably wasting your time and spending much time hammering me on it will just annoy me (see “teaching pigs to whistle”).

I’ve never been pinned down to a life’s motto, but one of the things I might say when somebody asks if I can do something is “Gee, I don’t know.  I have never tried that.  Let’s find out.”


About Larry

What about me?
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