So. Who Am I? What do I believe?

This may take a while.

Some of the high spots:

I am politically a small “r” republican and in the current vernacular a small “c” conservative although my understanding of history says I should call myself a classical liberal.

But labeling me is hard — most of the labels — liberal, conservative, right, left and so on come from Europe and I am first and foremost, through and through, an American (which is about the only label I apply to myself with a capital letter).

The short summary is that I am in some ways close to being an anarchist–I really do not see much need for government. I understand that there are fatal flaws in anarchy, but when I look at the things government does, one at a time, I say “I can do that better (cheaper, quicker)” or “I can hire somebody who can”.

So I guess I think the best government is government that knows my name, and whose members are known to me.

One of the things that clearly needs to be done at the national level is foreign policy, especially policy towards countries that don’t want to leave us alone. (I am not an isolationist by a wide margin.)

Another is national security–economies of scale in armies and navies makes sense to me.

And the last thought in this collection is about immigration and emigration–I believe people ought to be able to cross our borders in either direction with eawse — for day trips,the week, … or forever.

There ought to be an easy and equitable way to do that right, and everybody ought to expected to do it the right way.

There ought to be no incentives to come and freeload, but people who want to come and contribute ought to welcomed with the minimum of hassle. I understand there are some details that I have not worked out.


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