Daylight Savings Time (What ever that turns out to mean)

Did this happen to anybody else? (maintaining the pretense that there IS somebody else reading–oh wait–Marjie has been by at least once[1])

I woke up (second time) this morning (first time was when the deacon–my dear wife–got up to go to the early service) thinking “Oh no! first Sunday in November (in and of itself pretty frightening)! I forgot to ‘do’ the clocks last night!”

See UPDATE below.

Then I noticed that the clock in the bedroom that automagically keeps track of these things agreed, more or less, with the clock that does not.

I just checked in the Intartubes–for us in this collection of the colonies the date is the SECOND Sunday in November.

UPDATE:   It is the FIRST Sunday in November, like I thought.  But today is not it.  Today is Halloween, the last day of October.  I’ll just grab my coat….I can find my way out thanks.

And, on a related topic, the first Tuesday in November is election day for a lot of us.

Go vote. Don’t let them steal this one from us. Don’t know who to vote for? go vote on the questions. Vote against everybody you know you don’t like.

The preceding political announcement was not paid-for by anybody.

[1] She was trying to guess at “LWOLT”. Not even close.


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