Do you remember (or, where you ever taught) your Tea Party History?

One of my favorite “reads” is Daniel Hannan, MEP (Member of the European Parliament).

His blog is listed in the blog roll over there -> and the best entries are his 1 minute speeches to the EP — like our Congress halls often quite empty.

But today he has an item that should be required reading for anybody still trying to decide how to vote the day-after-tomorrow (Tuesday), or more importantly, for anybody who has decided it isn’t worth the trip[1].

He completely clears up the poorly understood issue of just who it is that the followers of the tea party movement (note absence of upper case letters here) are upset about and who they (we) want to replace[2].

[1]  Look.  If I can get these 71-year-old bones up in time to get to the polling place 11 miles away before 7 A. M., work there all day with one or two trips home to let the dog out, stay until the polls are closed, the equipment all stowed and the paper work done, you sure as…..there is no reason why you can not spend a little time for a critically important job[3].

[2]  Hint:  It has nothing much to do with swapping “D”s for “R”s.  If you doubt that, look at the news this evening at what Crist and Murkowski are willing to do to retain power.

[3]  Regardless of what you think about the man, you really need to watch tonight’s (October 31, 2010) Glenn Beck program.  You might be able to find it at several places like this.  (If you can’t find it, try You Tube or let me know and I’ll see if I can find it.)


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