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Fun with numbers…

The seas are arising….     Advertisements

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I remember…..I was born in 1939, my brother in 1943.

I was born in 1939, my brother in 1943. Things looked like that enough later for me to remember seeing them in southern California, and in central Mississippi. h/t Denver Post, and h/t somebody that pointed me to it–I can’t … Continue reading

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More Inconvenient Truths.

So, the word is the SUVs will make the fog go away and that will make the redwood giants die. Or something. But something in control (Somebody In Control?) did not get the memo.

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Keeping The World Safe From Sixth Graders.

More dangerous than the blue hairs.  (That might in fact be correct–but they were not trying to take their pencils onto an airplane.) But that will probably be next as soon as T & A figures out that mechanical pencils … Continue reading

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Keeping The World Safe From Little Old Ladies.

Now that the urostomy patients have been (man) handled, we have to get control of the 90-year-old, wheel-chair-confined bluehairs. h/t Human Events

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It seems so simple to me–this “Supply and Demand” thing, but then…..

…I think “Demand” means “what people want” (not what unions demand or lobbyists want) and “Supply” refers to9 the availability of things people want. Count me as one of the slow learners. h/t Cafe Hayek

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Does Al Gore Know?

Woman owns the sun.    

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