The morning after…..

We (Wife and I) spent the day in “our” polling place yesterday–got there at 0645 (about) and left at about 2030. It is about 9 1/2 miles–the car made a total of three round trips (Wive came home twice to let the dog out, and to grab something to eat.).

How long did you spend in yours? How far away it it?

If your answer to “How long did you spend in yours?” was “zero”, did you vote by mail, or “absentee”, or “early vote”?

If you did not vote in this election, did the people who did do the right thing?

If they did do the right thing for you, celebrate. If they did not, sit down, resolve to do better next time (if you get another chance), and shut up.

For me, I voted by mail (encouraged by the voting people because we were not sure we would be assigned to “our” polling place[1]) a week or more ago.

Over all, things worked out pretty well. There were some things I am not happy about (some just simply unbelievable), but on balance it looks like we will get one more chance.

UPDATE:  We had about 40% show up to vote at our polling place.  If everybody who requested a mail ballot voted, the total would be about 58%.  That is better than last time, but still, we didn’t have any IEDs, stonings, gunfire and minefields like the Iraqis did with their, what? 76%.


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