What was the most important outcome of yesterday’s elections?

That depends on what you are thinking about.  (By the way, while these words are attempts to convey my current convictions, those convictions are almost the certainly related to somebody else’s words, for which the somebody else deserves credit.  Which I am too lazy to research and provide.)

In the near term the recovery of the House of Representatives is huge, but the new House will have to work and hold fast to Constitutional and reasonable principles to convert that recovery.  If they are going to convert, not much in the way of “bipartisanship” or “compromise” will be visible.  Right and wrong are not living and breathing concepts.

In the longer term, the big deal yesterday was the election of reasonable people to the State legislatures, which will have the opportunity (should they decide to take it) to oversee the redistribution of representation as a result of the population changes reported by the 2010 census.

Let us pray that for once, honesty and honor will prevail.

One can hope.


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