A new page….

I actually started it a day or two ago, but I don’t like it, so I’m going to start it again.

Since there is no credible evidence that I am a threat to Glenn Reynolds or anybody else, I guess I can do that.

The idea is to a) learn if I can to make tables here, and b) keep a list of blogs and such that I don’t read anymore and why.

The latter problem is that I keep coming across authors and saying “wow, this is good” and putting in my list of  must-read-daily things and then discovering that it wasn’t so good after all, only to discover it again….

Or I come across something and say “Oh, woe, I used to read that–it must have fgottne lost in the big computer crash of….” and then discovering, no, I quite because the author is wrong.

And there are some that I don’t read because I’ve been banned, and I need to remind myself every now and again what the details are.

For the moment, the name is “ex-Pages”.  tomorrow, who knows?


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