Gabrielle Giffords gravely injured today in a mad-man incident in Tuscon.

But she has for some time (apparently) been doing some serious damage to cherished stereotypes, and I’d never noticed before (shame on the right-side “media”).

Democrat in Congress.

Meets with constituents (she was gunned down during such a meeting, it appears, and there was an incident some years ago that seems to be eerily similar (see the link above).

Not only meets with constituents (remember, this is alleged to be a Democrat) but apparently listens to them.

And here is the worst news:  she (a female–no doubt about it–Democrat) is one fine looking lady.  How much damage does that do to our case?

And the worst is that she is posed with a Triumph!  And she knows how to ride it.

[Note:  This is intended to be a lighthearted mood-shifter in the face of some more really dreadful news out of Tuscon, and was written on the assumption that she will recover from the dreadful wounds she has suffered.  Upon notice that I have offended someone, or that her injuries are more grave that they now seem, I will pull this posting down,]

Please join me in prayers for the recovery of people who can, and the souls of those who can not, and for the comfort of all people nearby.


h/t Left Coast Rebel


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