The Arizona “Memorial” Campaign Rally.

I have not written about it here, but that “Memorial” travesty has really been gnawing at me and I have not really understood why.

There are a number of  things to be concerned about beyond the obvious ones at the event itself–most particularly the surprising people who say it was wonderful.  (I think Fox needs to have its water system tested.  O’Reilly?  Beck?!!?)

I finally figured out why this “Arizona Memorial” tripe is bothering me so much.

The very name!  The Arizona Memorial is an installation in Pearl Harbor honoring some heroes, not pols running for (from?) office.

Did you see the video the other day of a Japanese man o’ war, now operating with a multinational fleet saluted Arizona as it steamed by.  [ed. note–I can’t find it–I swear I saw it–Japanese defense Force ship dipped her colors (standard naval salute to another ship) passing Arizona.  If I find it I’ll come back and post it here.]

That is what reconciliation looks like.


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