I Have THE Answer For The Global Warming Problem!

I realized this morning that I have The Answer!  

Still to be worked out: How to get rich like Gore did from it.  

The Settled Science says that Global Warming Causes Everything, right?

Including all the cold we have been having for the last year or two.


Cutting to the chase, if everybody would just buy and drive SUVs, the CO2 resulting will (in roundabout fashion) cause more cooling, saving the world from Global Warming!  

And Gore can keep peddling his carbon credits things (as soon as he figures out how to keep the fraudsters from ripping him off and causing the markets to close, and stuff.

But we definitely need for him to drive his lebenty zillion SUV fleet, all of his airplanes, AND his size-of-Manhattan houses.

And his yachts.


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