Larry Steps In It Again.

In a comment on Don Surber’s excellent blog, I said something that carried gravity beyond my persistent intent.  I was angry about so many things, none of them much Mr. Surber’s doing.  The connection is I live near Occupied Elkhorn, occupied by Omaha, of whom Suttle is current reigning Authority.

I repeat here my answer to email from Mr. Surber on the subject:


On 3/25/2011 7:32 AM, Don Surber wrote:

> Your comment got caught in the spam filter. I approved it. Took a
> while for me to check bause I napped at 5 and had dinner and
> generally was away from the computer from 3 to 7.

You have a life? Who knew?!
> Realizing past problems, I can see why you would conclude as you
> did.

I promise I’ll go back and look at what I said, but in advance I’ll say that there was something seriously wrong with it to trigger the reactions evident.

I was severely ungruntled about a lot of stuff yesterday but not much (if any) was your fault. Selling a house I don’t want to sell, dealing with a real estate agent who sees no need to listen to grumpy old men, …….

But that should not have splashed on you.

> This is a sincere apology.

Accepted but I am seriously sorry that I made it necessary.

> As to Livermoron’s good riddance comment, I also apologize. If you
> want me to kill it I will, but then he may get spam filter issues
> after that (really, I do not know how it wworks and IT is pretty
> stumped by it — it is run by Askismet and I may just disable it).
> He’s just a surly old puss who may have reacted simply to what he
> thought was an overreaction (it was not).

I don’t know what this is about–but I’m not much for killing (newspaper connotation) stuff–else I would ask for my mistakes….Let’s just say my name is not Winston.

I am about to get to my daily reading list (it’s been another one of those days), but I head to your blog first to see what the heck I’ve done.

I apologize for it, what ever it is.

> Don Surber Poca WV

Lot of things wrong with the world, but the mountains of West Virginia and the people that live there are not among them.

> —– Original Message —– From: Mike Hapeman To:
> Sent: Friday, March 25, 2011 2:51 AM Subject:
> Laurence Sheldon
> Howdy Don, I know you don’t owe me this, and I actually don’t want
> any personal or unpleasant details, BUT I was surprised both by
> Laurence Sheldon’s abrupt departure, and more so by the ‘good

Ahh a glimmer. I asked for an email response, didn’t I? That is because your blog doesn’t have a way to get automated email copies of responses, and you publish so much I seldom can get bak to an old (defined as more than a few minutes old) comment to see what happened to it and my scraps-of-paper system of remembering things was and is already failing.

But I did not intend to convey the rancor that I apparently did.

Hard to tolerate a day without a dose of Don. (Usually several doses–there five or six blogs I check every few hours–Don Surber, Flopping Aces, Gateway Pundit, Watts Up With That [couple of mre but I can’t think of the names…..Naughty Bits(?) is one, maybe.

riddance’ good bye from livermoron. I recognize livermoron as a
> regular, and while I don’t always agree with anybody, he seems like a
> good egg.
> I am curious, and would appreciate a brief, general, impersonal
> explanation for Sheldon’s departure, i.e. bad language, personal
> attack on another Surberban, whatever.

(I going to violate the get-your-own-blog rule and copy most of this into the comment thread) …. But let me say that I ain’t going — Ace Of Spades HQ had to kill several blogs including his own to get rid of me. I don’t go easy. Especially when there is large value involved.

If (When?) I annoy people, it is usually clumsiness, but in any case I recommend figuring out how to use the “kill” or filter facilities in your reader to get me out of sight. I don’t get quoted enough to be a problem with filter leakage.

> You obviously manage the posts to prevent trolls from upsetting
> folks, which I appreciate. I do not understand people who either feel
> compelled to say ugly things, or those that think that they can
> behave badly while ‘hiding’ behind internet anonymity. I meant that
> recent post; secrets are hard to keep.

I’m not usually compelled (I have been), more often I am clumsy or over do it.

This kind of medium is realty poor for communicating feelings–only one channel works (no body language, no tone of voice, no pace, not facial expression, no hand-waving. And knowing all that, I am not as careful as would be good for us all.

> Separately, and much more importantly, I hope cousin Caroline Kathy
> is well.

I don’t think I know what that is about, but I hope so too.

> Best Regards, CAPT Mike aka Michel Hapeman CAPT, USN (RC), Ret.

Ex-Navy enlisted long ago–what does “(RC)” mean in this context.

I’m never good at straightening out stuff I’ve bent, but for what ever it is worth, I wish….

Superfluity does not vitiate
California Civil Code quote-#3537 # <– Where I live


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