I wish I knew half as much as people think I know.

Trying to make a simple blat-with-pictures to leave out for people who come to look at our house-for-sale.

Made one using Microsoft Word (I don’t know what flavor–I’m on Windows 7 and it doesn’t look remotely like the one on the XP computer down stairs).

Got the words in, but couldn’t figure out how to manage and manipulate the pictures. At all.

Tried Microsoft Publisher–got the words in, and eventually figured out how to manage and manipulate the pictures in spite of the best efforts of Publisher.

Now I have a pretty good cut at what I want.

On three “Master Pages”.

Which resist all efforts to make then coalesce into one document that I can duplex print.

So I’ve sent them to the printer one at a time.

Which the HP DN4500 handles at the rate of about one page per hour.

I wonder what happens if I try to import them here.


Functionally nothing–that is the Word document, WordPress has no knowledge of Publisher files.


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