Where should we place the blame? Killings and Koran Burnings.


A lot of the blogs I read more-or-less daily have discussions going about who to blame for the killings that have been somehow coupled to the Koran burning incident.

I say:

We should assume that the Muslims are doing what their religion tells them they should do.

Not much we can or should do about that.

We have no control over what they do, they are not guided by what we think or do.

Their religion and their politics are more closely coupled than ours are, which is as it should be, but it does complicate the discussion a bit.

So let me try to clarify a bit before I ask some hard questions. They have no concept of freedom so lets give up on trying to understand what they do from that viewpoint.

They do what their religion (and their Holy Book and its interpretations) tell them to do. No other inputs to the decision are needed, welcome or permitted.

Just like we do what our religion tells us to do.  (OK, add “…or lack of one…”.  I don’t think it actually adds anything.  Atheists are more evangelical than the Pentecostals are anymore.)

Now, to the questions: Did Terry Jones do what his religion told him to do? If it did, then we can be sure that I don’t belong to his religion, although I use (or used to–not sure that I will anymore) the name he uses.

I had a similar problem a while back while thinking about Fred Phelps–short summary: at one point in my search I thought I might be a Baptist, but now I know for sure that I am not since he says his religion tells him to do the dreadful things he does…..

[Update:  Theo Spark has the perfect graphic for the point I was trying to make.]



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