This is a personal experiment and will probably wind up being a diary, but it was started because it is last years “in thing”, and because I enjoy doing things with computers.

The last is a Good Thing, since I have been messing with these beasts for more than 50 years.  and they have provided what was going to be a comfortable retirement before the government ….. no, I’ll do the political rant a little later.

So the key thing is, just before Election Day 2010, I am starting to try to learn something new.


Update:  we are past that and there was a lot  of  good news and some bad news, but on balance, there is some real hope that we can repair the changes.

Enjoy if you can, tolerate if you must (can’t imagine why that would be), suggest if you want to but be advised that I’m not obligated to follow your suggestions.

I am at LarrySheldon@cox.net


Oh.  The cryptic acronyms?  Latest Waste Of Larry’s Time.  And Sleldon’s Little House On The Prarie.  (It is a long story.)


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