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The path to riches.

If you want to be really really wealthy become president and do every thing you can to make sure all the leftists really really really hate you. Then retire, and write a book. Advertisements

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Fun with numbers…

The seas are arising….    

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Keeping The World Safe From Sixth Graders.

More dangerous than the blue hairs.  (That might in fact be correct–but they were not trying to take their pencils onto an airplane.) But that will probably be next as soon as T & A figures out that mechanical pencils … Continue reading

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We Need Nancy Pelosi!

… she’s a reminder of what happens when you put a bunch of socialists in charge of important things. h/t Basil’s Blog

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Joe Biden Had a Transparency Meeting, and We’ll Have to Take His Word For It

Title ripped from Michelle Malkin. h/t Da TechGuy.  

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Guilt. Reparations. Getting even. Compensating.

Thomas Sowell in “Black Rednecks and White Liberals” (page 289) has the best and clearest (but I repeat myself) statement on the issue: While the lessons of history can be valuable, the twisting of history and the mining of the … Continue reading

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Democrat’s problem solved!

Americans are too stupid–the elites didn’t talk down to us enough. h/t Don surber

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