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More Inconvenient Truths.

So, the word is the SUVs will make the fog go away and that will make the redwood giants die. Or something. But something in control (Somebody In Control?) did not get the memo. Advertisements

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Does Al Gore Know?

Woman owns the sun.    

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Eating Poppy seeds and urine testing

People-who-should-know have told me I would have to eat an awful lot of poppy-seed bagels (or my weakness–poppy-seed muffins and cakes–which have a heckuvalot more poppy seeds per cubic furlong) for anything to show up in my truck-driver urine tests.  … Continue reading

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Thinking of the Ev and Charlie Show…..

“A million here, a million there, pretty soon we are talking about some real money.” Now we talk about billions as if we are talking about the kid’s allowance, and trillions  are tossed around like chump change. (Please, god, don’t … Continue reading

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In Modern Science, “Facts” and “Definitions” are “Living Documents”

AKA the HumptyDumpty rules. The oceans are “more acid“, but not as acid as distilled water. h/t Anthony Watts

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