The Kremlin and Glenn Beck

The next year will be an interesting year–that is a foregone conclusion, a fact you can take to the bank.

This, if true, will be part of it in several dimensions: the Kremlin and Glenn Beck.

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I’m a dummy.

I missed one.

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Day Spoiler

[Published on: Dec 29, 2010 @ 20:24, updated Dec. 30, 2010 @ 8:25 to remove drunken typos.  (I don’t drink much so it was probably the drugs still working.]

A day, like many other (but not every other) days.  Serious pain in the abdomen–fails most of the “tests” for cardiac involvement.  Most days it goes away after a period, as quickly as it came.

Many days it seems related to lower GI distress–constipation, usually.

A massive bowel movement yesterday provided no relief.

Decided to lie down for a bit–noted that it was occasionally difficult to draw a deep breath.

The difficulty breathing got worse until every breath was difficult.

Wife told me to call the doctor’s office, but before they called back I decided I wanted to go to the ER.  NOW!

Doctor’s office called as I headed for the door, we chatted bit, they concurred, suggested “their” ER at  42nd and Dewey–I suggested Lakeside was a lot closer.

So off we went, wife and I–the exertion of getting into the car wanted me to breathe more deeply than I could so I did the only thing reasonable–I panicked.

An eternity later we had covered the 6 miles and I had gotten on the gurney in the crash room (or what ever they call it), answered all the questions twice, had a oximeter installed that worked (after several that did not) which showed that my oxygenation  was %96 so the panic was unwarranted.  (Isn’t it always?)  They put me on oxygen anyway–no difference noted.

After an EKG (nothing interesting), a CT Scan (or is it CAT Scan?) (nothing interesting) and an ultrasound examination (Gall bladder convicted), they gave me an IV of LASIX (which I take orally as Furosimide as a diuretic) and something (dunno what but IV) that relieved the pain  and the panic, but made me so stupid that I could not solve the simplest problems.

We (wife and I, with doctor’s concurrence–he remembered us from Pat’s recent visit after the lawn mower thing–seemed proud of his work) decided I was well enough to go home and call the surgeon that has worked on us both recently The doctor’s first choice was to lock me up there for their surgeon in the morning.

So we came back home.  I spent most of the day sleeping.

Pat found that the Surgeon is himself a surgical client and could not see us until Tuesdahy

So we will see how it goes.

In the context of the comparative discussions of health care systems it is important to note that the week or more delay in surgery is the result of my choice–Lakeside would have provided surgical care today, the next day.

Update (after fixing the more outrageous typos (and no doubt installing some new ones)) I feel about normal or at least at the point where I am not sure what is “drug” stupid and what is “ordinary” stupid.

Thanks to everybody that cares.

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End of the year…..

Not taking the author side of this blog thing very seriously–still flinging darts and barbs at people on Facebook–maybe as a New Years resolution I start posting my one-liners here where I can be sure nobody reads them.

We shall see what we shall see.

Had a nice Christmas, no paramedics or EMT’s–not even any trips to the ER or notable bleeding.

A few bruises and tears, but with this crew Mom and Pop (Pat and me), Marj and Andy, Laura and Jennifer (a friend of Laura’s–also from Kansas city).  (Sandee stayed in California this time–lots of cousins there for her.) Plus 5 dogs and a cat.  Not much peace and quiet, but enough.

Lots of nice stuff clothes and toys for me, lots of neat stuff all around.

Some serious good eating–Yebra (if I spelled it correctly) — stuffed grape leaves similar to the Greek Dolmas, I think.  Roast turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce.  Probably forgot at least one important thing.

Got lazy yesterday, went out the HuHot (Mongolian DIY shop).

It occurs to me that I have a Cardiologist’s appointment early next year–best get right on getting rid of the evidence.

Life is good on the Great Plains.

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Republicans vs. Democrats vs. others when the 13th Amentment was ratified.

It is 2037 Central, 18 December, 2010.

I think there was a Republican President sitting during much (if not all) of the time.

I think the US Congress was Republican (or Republican and not-Democrat) controlled.

I think many of the Governors were Republican or not-Democrat.

I think the state legislatures were predominantly Republican.

The point being, the Democrats were against it and failed to stop it because of inadequate numbers.

It is 2042 Central, 18 December, 2010.


Undated after publication to correct some of the more stupid oof the typos and to add the following note.

This post is connected to this one at Flopping Aces.

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A new page….

I actually started it a day or two ago, but I don’t like it, so I’m going to start it again.

Since there is no credible evidence that I am a threat to Glenn Reynolds or anybody else, I guess I can do that.

The idea is to a) learn if I can to make tables here, and b) keep a list of blogs and such that I don’t read anymore and why.

The latter problem is that I keep coming across authors and saying “wow, this is good” and putting in my list of  must-read-daily things and then discovering that it wasn’t so good after all, only to discover it again….

Or I come across something and say “Oh, woe, I used to read that–it must have fgottne lost in the big computer crash of….” and then discovering, no, I quite because the author is wrong.

And there are some that I don’t read because I’ve been banned, and I need to remind myself every now and again what the details are.

For the moment, the name is “ex-Pages”.  tomorrow, who knows?

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69 Years ago today…..

The attackers (and we) began to pay a terrible price — now the world is better.

Then, in recent years, we started paying the price over and over and over–sometimes to people we thought were part of “we”.

Now it seems like we do not have the will to win–how much longer before we will not have the means?


UPDATE:  Marjie correctly points out that it was 69 years ago–I had said 68.

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