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Keeping The World Safe From Sixth Graders.

More dangerous than the blue hairs.  (That might in fact be correct–but they were not trying to take their pencils onto an airplane.) But that will probably be next as soon as T & A figures out that mechanical pencils … Continue reading

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Armistice Day

…..was supposed to mark the end of The War to End All Wars.

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Who is shooting at whom?!??!

… and why doesn’t our military know about it? “don’t know” is different from “know, but not telling“. Or did California sell the Channel Islands to somebody? h/t Instapinch Update.  Anthony Watts, as usual, has probably got the answer.

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Democrat thinks Obama needs another Oklahoma City.

Maybe.  Be we sure as hell do not.  Glen Reynolds (as usual) has the pointer.

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Our borders are secure!

See the Instapundit for details.

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